Why is there no Time Tracking?

Tough question. There is no consensus about time tracking in agile methodologies. Some people think agile methodologies are not meant to include time tracking, while some really need time tracking for a variety of different reasons. Either way, Taiga is built to accommodate multiple use cases.

So why didn't we have Time Tracking front and center?

Our own philosophy in Taiga de-emphasizes time tracking and favors focusing on tasks, sprints and team self-organization without concern for specific time pressures or with measuring the value delivered by a developer on a given piece of work using time. When looking at our own list of priorities, we decided to leave time-tracking out of the scope of the Taiga core feature set.

Here's an interesting post that speaks to our thoughts on the matter: agileadvice by Mishkin Berteig:

Some Scrum practitioners think it is wasteful to track the time spent by developers and designers on individual tasks. They believe that Scrum is only concerned with time when it comes to the time boxes of the Sprint and Sprint meetings. Scrum also supports sustainable development, which implies working sustainable hours. When it comes to the completion of tasks, scrum assumes the team is committed to delivering value.

Some scrum practitioners believe that time tracking promotes bad habits such as forcing work into billable hours even though it is not. Overall, time tracking in a Scrum environment can do harm and undermine the entire framework.

But, of course, agile methodologies are meant to be malleable, so even if we decided to not implement time tracking as a feature in Taiga, teams are implementing it by using workarounds (like adding hours in the task or user story title, etc.)

To accomodate these practices we came out with something that could fit in any team workflow and solve many different different problems: custom fields

Solution 1: Set Up Custom fields

You can create custom fields in issues, tasks and user stories to track everything and make beautiful reports with your favourite spreadsheet and the CSV reports functionality.

Solution 2: Using Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking app operated by Toggl OÜ that is integrated with Taiga.io. You only need to sign in in Toggl.com and install the Chrome extension to use it over Taiga.io.

Thanks to Olegerm who developed this integration between Toggl and Taiga.io