How do I get in In touch with you, or keep up with the Latest News?

Taiga is growing fast and you may wonder how best to reach the right Taiga team member to deal with your request. Here are the best channels:

I have a question and can't find it in your Support Pages

Taiga has an active community, and others may have the same issue you have, or may have resolved it already. We set up a mailing list on Google Groups: mailing list

If you have a question or issue that you wish to address privately, send us an email and we will answer you as soon as possible. We have an internal rule that no query go unaddressed for longer than 24 hours. We are usually way faster than that. Email us at

I think I found a bug on Taiga

Oh, thanks! We were looking for it but you found it first. Please, report it in our github issues. Your issue feeds straight in to our Issues list on our own Taiga Project. This gets our immediate attention and will wake people up if they're sleeping (on the job or otherwise). A team member will be in touch. We will hunt and kill the bug relentlessly. It's nice to feel safe in the Taiga.

I want to know what's new with Taiga

We are continuously delivering new features and improvements. There are two ways to stay current with the new features and bugfixes:

  • We post updates on our blog on the announcements section
  • We have a Changelog file in our repo with every version. In front and back
  • We tweet these changes as well in our twitter account @taigaio Please Follow us!

I want to dive into your code

Great! Join the Taiga adventure. But be careful, the Taiga is a thick forest, sometimes very dense and occasionally dangerous. It's easy to get lost. But if you are an expert we want you as part of the team.

Join the Taiga development community. Here are three points of departure:

  • Check our Taiga repo in github
  • Taiga is well documented so you can easily start playing with it
  • Our API is extensive and well organized. Adapt Taiga to your own needs.